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Episode 92: I Am Enough with Jen Robinson

ageism career and entrepreneurship courage mindset motivation style and fashion Apr 06, 2022
Photo of Jen Robinson with the Title

An Accidental Influencer 



When I stumbled upon this weeks’ guest on Instagram I fell in love with her... and I fell hard!  

Her name is Jen Robinson, and I have a feeling you’re going to fall in love with her, too.  She is equal parts motivational speaker, beauty expert, style coach and comedian.   After turning 50 this year and being constantly discouraged by the messages projected to women over 40, Jen set her intentions toward creating social media “playgrounds” that celebrate women.

Not your daughter’s blogger, Jen shares beauty and style tips from low end to luxe that are both accessible and hilarious. You will often find her rocking a CHANEL crossbody with her favorite thrifted camo jacket and scoffing at the notion of “age appropriateness.” She’ll have you convinced that leopard print is INDEED a neutral, a pop of neon can amplify any outfit, and that the right coat can take your look from average to amazing—all while extolling the virtues of an oversized handbag (“a big bag makes your ass look smaller.”)

A curator of all things fabulous—you can count on Jen to deliver the answers to your beauty and style questions with genuine honesty and her trademark sense of humor. Jen’s individuality is her superpower and she’s on a mission to help you find yours.

If you want to learn more about Jen Robinson, get her style tips and follow her shameless antics, the best place to find her is on Instagram.

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