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I’m taking a guess that you’re here because:
1. You want something more out of midlife and beyond, but you feel stuck.
2. You aren’t dead yet and don’t want to be one of the living dead.
3. You’re looking for some inspiration.

Well that’s why I’m here!  My name is Yvonne Marchese.  I'm a professional photographer, mom, wife and serial pivoter.   At the age of 48, I realized that I had bought into a story about getting old that was adversely affecting my health and relationships.  Changing my story about aging inspired me to start the Late Bloomer Living Podcast where I am on a mission to redefine society's ideas on aging and exploring how to live a life by design. I believe that stories can change lives… maybe not in an instant, but in laying the seeds of possibility.  I work every day to embrace big, scary, beautiful change and believe it’s never too late to pursue a dream.   

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Are you middle aged with dreams of writing a book, changing your career or finally taking on that passion project and you’re worried it’s too late?  Maybe you want to take a peek behind the curtain to see how other people have done it?

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