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It's not about changing yourself.

It's about changing how you think about yourself!


Rethink what it means to age.

We've been told a story about aging.  It's a scary story.  Let's rewrite that story.

The  Podcast

A Fresh Perspective on Midlife and Aging

Are you middle aged with dreams of writing a book, changing your career or finally taking on that passion project and you’re worried it’s too late?  Maybe you want to take a peek behind the curtain to see how other people have done it?

I’m going to be taking you on a journey with me as I explore what it means to try new things in midlife.  Each week I’m going to be sitting down with inspiring people “of an age” who are taking on new, big, scary things…

New Episodes Every Wednesday

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The Age Agitators Club

Bringing together women who are committed to busting through their Midlife Funk to inspire, cheer each other on, share our stories and take bold action, so that we can define and rock the next chapter of life and achieve new life goals whether it’s pursuing a passion project, pivoting careers or finally running that marathon.

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