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Episode 189: 4 Year Anniversary Episode: Breaking Negative Cycles with Donita Wheeler

energy mindset self love spirituality Jun 05, 2024
Photo of Donita Wheeler on a teal background with daisies and the title: 4 Year Anniversary Episode:  Breaking Negative Cycles, Episode 189

Responding vs. Reacting



Ever feel like you're stuck in a cycle of negative reactions? 

Join us for a special 4-year anniversary episode of this podcast as we welcome back Donita Wheeler, our very first guest. Together, we dive deep into the themes of responding thoughtfully to situations vs. reacting impulsively, and the transformative power of releasing negative energy.

In this episode, Donita shares her personal journey and insights into how we can all learn to break free from negative cycles, raise our vibrations, and live more intentional lives. This episode is packed with heartfelt stories and practical advice.

Here are the top 3 takeaways that make this episode a worthwhile listen:

  1. Understanding the Power of Response: Donita explains the difference between reacting impulsively and responding thoughtfully to life’s challenges, and how mastering this can lead to a more peaceful and controlled life.
  2. Releasing Negative Energy: Learn practical tips and techniques for identifying and releasing negative energy that might be holding you back, helping you to cultivate a more positive and vibrant mindset.
  3. Embracing Personal Growth: Through Donita’s inspiring stories, discover the importance of personal growth and self-awareness, and how these can lead to more meaningful and fulfilling relationships and experiences.

Don’t miss this celebratory episode that marks a milestone in our podcast journey and offers valuable lessons for everyone. Whether you’re a longtime listener or new to the podcast, this episode is sure to provide you with valuable insights and inspiration.



Donita Wheeler is also known as Donita Mama Bear

Follow her on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

You can listen to her original interview on Episode 2: Reinvention and Survivorship with Donita Wheeler

Donita Wheeler's remarkable story as a five-time cancer survivor and the challenges she overcame, from battling cancer to caring for her terminally ill mother-in-law, enduring economic downturns and numerous relocations, has shaped her identity to become the energetic educator she is today. 

Donita finds immense joy in witnessing her clients' personal growth and transformation, as they strive to become the best versions of themselves. As an energetic educator, she imparts her wisdom on chakra energy, teaching individuals to harness and utilize their energy to create the lives they desire.

Through her guidance, Donita empowers people to understand the powerful influence of their energetic vibrations and how to align them with their intentions. By educating her clients on the principles of chakra energy and providing practical tools for its manipulation, she empowers them to navigate their lives with intention and purpose.

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