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Episode 187: Strength, Fitness, and Fun at Any Age with Mimi Ison

ageism fitness health & wellness May 22, 2024
Photo of Mimi Ison on a turquoise background with daisies and the title, Strength, Fitness, and Fun at Any Age, episode 187

Age is Just a Number


Ever wonder how to keep feeling healthy and energetic no matter your age?


This week, we're hanging out with Mimi Ison, who has some amazing stories and advice on just that. Mimi, also known as Hey Middle Age on her blog and Instagram, is all about saying 'yes' to new adventures, and she'll inspire you to do the same. 


We also get real about ageism—how it messes with our heads and what we can do to push back.


And if you've been slacking on your workouts like I have, Mimi's got some straightforward tips on why strength training is key to staying strong and independent. Tune in for a fun and inspiring chat that’ll make you see aging in a whole new light!



Learn more about Mimi Ison by checking out her blog, Hey Middle Age and follow her on Instagram for inspiration


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