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Episode 186: Generations of Strength: A Mother's Day Special with Lynnis Woods Mullins

anxiety health & wellness motherhood May 15, 2024
Photo of Lynnis Woods Mullins on a turquoise background with daisies and the title, Generations of Strength: A Mother's Day Special, Episode 186

Healing Through Heritage



Have you ever thought about how much your mother’s example has influenced your life? 

This is part 2 of a Mother’s Day series in which we are celebrating the power of maternal influence featuring a conversation with the remarkable Lynnis Woods Mullins. 


Join us as Lynnis shares her deeply personal journey of holistic healing and empowerment, shaped by the wisdom passed down through generations of resilient women in her family.  In this conversation, Lynnis reflects on the profound impact of her mother's legacy and the invaluable lessons learned from her mom and her grandmother.


Lynnis shares her journey from anxiety to empowerment, and her discovery of holistic wellness practices that helped her find her balance. 


After over 25 years in corporate America Lynnis was diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder. It was this diagnosis that lead her to find out ways to heal holistically. One year later Lynnis decided to change her career completely.  That journey led her to her current mission of helping other women as a Holistic Living and Wellness Coach for women over 40.  For over 16 years, Lynnis has empowered women through coaching programs, e-books, webinars, podcasts, and special events.


Get ready for a candid conversation about self-care, resilience, and the wisdom passed down through generations. It's time to honor the women who paved our paths and celebrate the strength they instill in us.


Learn more about Lynnis Woods Mullins:

Visit her website and listen to the V.I.B.E. Living Podcast

Follow Lynnis on Instagram or join her Facebook Community. 


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