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Episode 184: Older Women and Friends with Jane Leder

ageism aging playfully internalized ageism mindset passion purpose May 01, 2024
Photo of Jane Leder on a turquoise background with daisies and the title, Older Women and Friends, Episode 184

I don't really feel my age.



Our guest is Jane Leder, host of the "Older Women and Friends" podcast!


Jane shares her journey into podcasting at age 75, driven by a desire for a new creative outlet beyond writing. Her podcast aims to challenge stereotypes about older women and highlight their stories. 


Jane discusses the importance of adaptation and humor in aging, as well as the value of intergenerational friendships. Despite societal pressures, she encourages self-acceptance and emphasizes the joy found in playfulness. 


Throughout the conversation, Jane's personality shines, inspiring listeners to embrace life at any age.



🤗 Connect with Jane Leder!

Check out her podcast, Older Women and Friends

I was recently a guest on her Podcast - Listen here

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