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Episode 182: Parenting Young Adults with Kim Muench

empty nest parent coach parenting emerging adults Apr 17, 2024
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Redefining Boundaries: Parenting Through the Shift to Adulthood


Are you having a tough time talking to your older teen or young adult?  If they are living at home with you, how do you deal with setting rules for them?  Do you find yourself constantly biting your tongue, or are you in constant conflict with them? 


There comes a point when your kid starts growing up, and you need to realize they're their own person now. It's like, “Holy crickets! They're in charge of their own life, now!”  For parents, this shift to a new kind of relationship with their adult child can be pretty tricky.


My guest this week is Parent Coach, Kim MuenchIn this conversation we talk about setting healthy boundaries as the relationship with your adult child shifts under your feet. Kim has some solid ideas about how to open up the lines of communication and reconnect with your child.  Hint: Much of the work starts with us, the parents.  



Kim Muench is the Founder of Real Life Parent Guide.  She is a Certified Conscious Parenting Coach with the Jai Institute for Parenting, and specializes in working with parents of emerging adults (ages 18-29).

Kim has a self-published Amazon #1 New Release in the Parent & Adult Child Relationships category called Becoming Me While Raising You – a Mother’s Journey to Her Self. She is a sought after and frequent speaker on topics related to conscious parenting for television news stations, and podcasts around the globe. Her mission is to spread the movement to parent WITH rather than over our children.

You can follow Kim for ongoing parenting tips on Instagram or TikTok


**This is Kim's second time on the podcast.  In our first conversation (Episode 117) we talked about her own challenges as a parent which led her to become a parenting coach.  In 2008, her oldest son called her from across the country to say he was in trouble… he was failing classes, about to lose his job, and his use of alcohol was totally out of control. 


Kim's Book Recommendations: 

Failure to Launch by Dr. Mark McConville

You and Your Adult Child: How to Grow Together in Challenging Times by Dr. Lawrence Steinberg


In Full Bloom: a guide to aging playfully 

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