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Episode 18: Life By Design with Emily Clement

mindset motivation passion purpose reinvention self love Oct 07, 2020

Releasing the past to create a new future



Despite the strong advice of a few friends, Emily Clement decided to burn a lifetime of her journals in a backyard fire Under the full moon in March of 2017.  (I get chills thinking about it!)   That book burning created an amazing chain reaction. Helping her to purge the toxic thoughts, beliefs and stories that didn’t serve her.  She then took massive action.  She quit drinking alcohol, adopted a puppy, took an intense business course, rebranded her business, let go of one-sided friendships, took herself to Cancun, and spoke at her first TEDx event. 

She did it because she needed to let go of her old stories about herself… so she could create New stories…  Emily is a certified life coach who has taught and traveled all over the planet- from Alaska to Istanbul, and beyond. She runs a community that is all about supporting courageous women while they pivot toward an extraordinary life — without fear and guilt.…

Learn more about Emily, check out the following links:

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In Full Bloom: a guide to aging playfully 

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