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Episode 177: Bet On Yourself with Stacy Sherman

career and entrepreneurship goal setting mindset resilience Mar 13, 2024
Photo of Stacy Sherman on a teal background with daisies  with the title Bet on Yourself, Episode 177

Don't wait to start your passion project or side hustle.



What does it mean to take a leap of faith in yourself? 

In this episode, Stacy Sherman, a customer experience (CX) expert, shares her personal journey from a successful corporate career to becoming a thought leader in her industry and a renowned professional speaker.

Stacy opens up about her unexpected journey transitioning from a solid corporate position where she was a recognized expert in her field to embracing entrepreneurship.

She never meant to leave her corporate career.  She says, “Corporate left me.” 

Yvonne and Stacy talk about self-belief, especially when you're eyeing a shift from the corporate experience to the world of entrepreneurship. Stacy's story is relatable as she shares the highs, lows, and the whole deal about building confidence.

It's not just a chat; it's like a guide for those thinking about or already walking this path. Stacy spills the beans on making smart bets on your own skills. Tune in for some real talk, real experiences, and some solid tips for navigating change, facing hurdles, and ultimately, putting your money on yourself.


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