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Episode 176: Embracing the Unknown and Reinventing Your Life with Lesley Jane Seymour

courage mindset reinvention resilience Mar 06, 2024
Photo of Lesley Jane Seymour on a teal background with daisies and the title, Embracing the Unknown and Reinventing Your Life, Episode 176

Adapt, Evolve, Thrive



Are you itching to shake things up and reinvent yourself? Do you find yourself hesitating and wondering where to start? 


My guest on the Late Bloomer Living Podcast this week is Lesley Jane Seymour, founder of the Covey Club.  


Lesley was the Editor-In-Chief of More Magazine for 8 years until the magazine closed.  Recognizing that the publishing industry was in turmoil, she had to completely reinvent herself, so she knows the journey first hand.  In this conversation, Lesley shares her wealth of experiences and insights on personal and career reinvention, offering guidance on navigating life's transitions, embracing change, and fostering a mindset of continuous learning. 


If you're feeling stuck or contemplating a new chapter in your life, this episode is a beacon of inspiration and practical advice.



Lesley Jane Seymour is a media entrepreneur and one of the industry’s most respected leaders. In 2017, she created CoveyClub from a 54-page survey that 627 former More Magazine readers took after the closure of More Magazine. From 2008-2016, she served as editor-in-chief of More Magazine, the leading lifestyle magazine for women over 40, with a readership of 1.5 million. She was also the editor-in-chief and social media director of, which attracted over 12 million monthly page views and 600,000 unique visitors.


Find out more about Lesley Jane Seymour and check out Covey Club.


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