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Episode 175: Taking Inspired Action with Susie deVille

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Unleashing Creativity for Success and Freedom



Do you ever feel stuck in the grind, caught in constant hustle mode, battling perfectionism and struggling to make time for play without feeling guilty?


Our guest this week is Susie deVille,  Founder & CEO of the Innovation & Creativity Institute.

In this conversation, Susie opens up about her personal journey through a "nuclear winter" period, and how embracing creativity became the catalyst for personal and professional transformation.

Yvonne shares about her Living Playfully at ANY Age Challenge for February, where she’s aiming to reshape her relationship with work and daily life. You can follow Yvonne on Instagram for more of her thoughts on living playfully. 

Discover the power of small, consistent practices and the liberating effects of living playfully. Listen in for insights, inspiration, and a conversation that encourages you to infuse more joy and creativity into your own life.



Susie deVille, Founder & CEO of the Innovation & Creativity Institute, is on a mission to show entrepreneurs and visionary leaders how to connect with their innate creativity, home in on who they truly are, and unlock their entrepreneurial potential. She is the award-winning author of Buoyant: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Becoming Wildly Successful, Creative, and Free.

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