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Episode 174: Aging Out Loud & Embracing Midlife with Katie Fogarty

ageism career and entrepreneurship courage mindset Feb 21, 2024
Photo of Katie Fogarty on a Teal background with daisies and the Title: Aging Out Loud & Embracing Midlife, Episode 174

The Power of Owning Your Age


Are you comfortable saying your age out loud?

Do you toss around jokes about being older than God or experiencing senior moments? In this episode, we dive into why those seemingly harmless jokes might be doing more harm than you think.

Join us in this episode as we explore the transformative power of aging out loud with Katie Fogarty, host of A Certain Age podcast

Katie, a former journalist turned career coach, challenges the narrative that aging equates to irrelevance. With a communications career spanning Capitol Hill, Corporate America, and television news, Katie founded The Reboot Group, a communications consultancy fostering professional growth through compelling stories for both individuals and corporations.

Discover the power of aging out loud as Katie shares insights from her experience as a career coach and podcaster, emphasizing the need to shift the cultural conversation around moving into our forties, fifties, sixties, and beyond. If you've ever felt hesitant about sharing your age, this episode will empower you to own it loud and proud.

Katie Fogarty encourages us to rewrite the script on aging and proves that life only gets richer as we embrace the evolving chapters of midlife.

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