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Episode 172: Friendship Unfiltered - A Conversation with Lou Blaser

Feb 07, 2024
Photo of Lou Blaser and Yvonne Marchese with the title,

Building Genuine Connections As We Age



Lou Blaser is back on the podcast for another conversation with Yvonne.  

This episode is the 2nd in a 3 part series exploring love and relationships as Valentine’s Day draws near.  We are expanding the conversation beyond romantic love and diving deep into the complications of making and sustaining friendships as we get older.  Making and maintaining friends can be a challenge, but Lou and Yvonne manage to find some laughs along the way.  



Lou Blaser writes, podcasts, and consults on intentional living, personal growth, and maximizing the midlife experience.  

She’s the author of the newsletter We’re All Aging, a weekly newsletter and a community of midlifers who believe in getting better as we get older. (Up until recently, WAGO was called Midlife Cues.) Every Sunday edition explores what it takes to keep growing, stay relevant, and be the kind of people we want to be in our midlife and… well, always, really!  

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She’s also the host and producer of The Second Breaks Podcast.



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