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Episode 171: Unmasking the Truth - A Brave Journey of Self-Revelation with Suzette Mullen

coming out courage relationships resilience self love Jan 31, 2024
Photo of Suzette Mullen on a Turquoise Background with daisies and the title, Unmasking the Truth - A Brave Journey of Self-Revelation, Episode 171

When Being True to Yourself Means Risking It All



As we move into the month of February I hope you will join us for a 3 week exploration of love and relationships.  

In this episode, we continue the exploration of listening to one's inner voice, featuring Suzette Mullen, author of the upcoming memoir, The Only Way Through is Out.

This is a story that is very much about how hard it can actually be to listen to your inner voice when you feel like you have a lot to lose. 

Suzette's life seemed picture-perfect.  She had a law degree, a kind and successful husband, thriving sons, and an ocean-view vacation home.  Underneath it all, she knew something wasn’t quite right.

As an empty nester, she began to explore her passion for writing.  She was completely caught off guard when, through her writing, she uncovered a buried truth: her love for her best friend—a woman.  To embrace these "unspeakable" feelings meant risking her identity, relationships, and a life of privilege. 

She'd been raised to play it safe and hated causing others pain, but taking this leap might be her only chance to feel fully alive. As Suzette opens herself to new possibilities, courage becomes the key to discovering and embracing her true self.

Sometimes You Just Want a Crystal Ball!

“The transition from a seemingly perfect but unfulfilling life to a more authentic one involves grieving the losses but also experiencing moments of joy.”  - Suzette Mullen

Suzette Mullen (she/her) is a memoir and nonfiction book coach, retreat leader, and the author. Her essays have appeared in the New York Times' Modern Love series among other outlets. As a book coach, Suzette guides writers to find their deeper stories and define their big ideas.  You can learn more about her coaching services here

Her new memoir, The Only Way Through is Out will be available February 13th, but you can order your copy now.  Introspective, bittersweet, and empowering, this memoir is both a coming-out and coming-of-age story, as well as a call to action for every human who is longing to live authentically but is afraid of the cost.


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