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Episode 170: Trusting Your Inner Voice with Bruce Whitacre

art courage mindset passion poetry purpose Jan 24, 2024
Photo of Bruce Whitaker on a teal background with daisies and the title: Trusting Your Inner Voice, Episode 170

There Was No Plan



In this interview with Bruce Whitaker, he shares his fascinating journey from being an accountant to a career in theater to becoming a poet.

The conversation delves into Bruce's early desire to move to New York City, his experiences working as an accountant in Rome, and the pivotal moments that led him to pursue a career in the arts. Bruce reflects on the importance of listening to one's inner voice and the role it played in guiding him to New York City and eventually to poetry.

But this episode is more than just a journey through career transitions; it's a deep dive into the creative process, self-discovery, and the power of trusting one's inner voice.

Bruce also discusses his grandmother, Jenny Hicks, a pioneer painter from Nebraska, and how her life became the subject of his first poetry book, The Elk and the Glade. He highlights the lessons learned from his grandmother's journey, including not waiting for gatekeepers.

Bruce emphasizes the significance of being open to different experiences and finding inspiration in unexpected places.

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