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Episode 165: Find a New Adventure with Barbara Ellison

aging playfully courage grief mindset motivation passion purpose resilience Dec 20, 2023
Photo of Barbara Ellison at 72 years old next to a motorcycle and ready for adventure.  Photo is on a teal background with daisies and the title Find a New Adventure Self-Discovery at Any Age, Episode 165

Self-Discovery at Any Age



As you get older and the question of retirement comes up, are you filled with joyful anticipation or a little bit of dread?

In this episode, Yvonne is joined by Barbara Ellison who is a Speaker, Author, Show Host, Transformational Life Trainer & Founder of Wellness Playroom.  In this candid conversation, Barbara shares her journey from being a caretaker for her husband for 2 years to navigating life as a widow, offering insights about how she rediscovered her identity. 

As a certified dream coach and personality science trainer, Barbara explores practical steps to stop self-criticism and appreciate individual uniqueness. The episode delves into the challenges of retirement, emphasizing the importance of understanding personal energy and finding purpose. 

Tune in for a grounded and insightful discussion on embracing change, defining success on your own terms, and navigating life's transitions.


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