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Episode 160: Celebrate the Gray with Stephanie O’Dell

ageism career and entrepreneurship courage passion style and fashion Nov 15, 2023
Photo of Stephanie O'Dell on a Turquoise background with daisies and the title: Celebrate the Gray, Episode 160

Empowering Women Through Age Inclusive Media



Isn’t it time women over 50 were well represented in media and advertising?  


Our special guest this week is Stephanie O'Dell, the founder of Celebrate the Gray, an agency for and about the 50+ woman representing 100's of models and influencers over the age of 50.  She also offers age inclusion consulting for brands and companies.  Stephanie's passion lies in empowering women on their aging journey, redefining beauty standards, and challenging societal norms. As a national speaker and a thought leader on age inclusion, she's on a mission to ensure that women's faces, bodies, voices, and opinions are authentically represented in marketing and media.


This episode explores Stephanie's inspiring journey from stylist to blogger, which eventually led her to open her own agency. She hasn’t always known her exact destination but remained open to where her curiosity and passion would lead her. 


As the conversation with Stephanie unfolds, we delve into the profound importance of bridging generational gaps and breaking free from the false narratives society has ingrained about aging. By developing meaningful relationships with people of all ages, we can shatter the stereotypes and limitations imposed by age.


Join us as we celebrate the power of women, the freedom of self-expression, and the journey towards more inclusive and authentic representation in the world of marketing and media. Together, we'll discover how embracing our unique paths can lead to a brighter and more liberated future for all.


Find out more about Celebrate the Gray and check out the Senior Stock Photos initiative using Celebrate the Gray models.  


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