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Episode 145: Redefining Beauty for Women of All Ages with Dara Goldberg

ageism mindset passion purpose style and fashion May 24, 2023
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How Dara Goldberg and the Endless Beauty Collective are Challenging Beauty Standards


How many times would you estimate that you’ve seen the phrase “Anti Aging” on the beauty products you see in magazines and in stores?   What kind of message does that send us about aging? 

In this special "Where are they now?" podcast episode, Dara Goldberg joins us for a second time to talk about her journey since our last conversation in October of 2021 on Episode 63. Dara had recently walked away from her 20-year successful career to start Lovin' Midlife, a platform to support women in their midlife awakening. 

Since then, Dara has taken on a larger mission as a writer, speaker, pro-age advocate, and Founder of the Endless Beauty Collective. The platform and community, along with several pro-age beauty brands, aim to challenge the beauty industry's ageist messaging and the notion that beauty is only reserved for the young.

Dara has also created the first-ever Pro Age Beauty Brand Guide and is working to get beauty companies to stop using the phrase "Anti-Aging" on their products. Her work is making a big impact in promoting pro-age beauty and empowering women to embrace their natural beauty.

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