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Episode 143: You Should Have Known with Rebecca Keller

ageism grief mindset resilience May 10, 2023
Photo of Rebecca Keller on a turquoise background with daisies and the title You Should Have Known - Late Bloomer Living Podcast Episode 143.  Her debut novel is a mystery about a grieving grandmother turns to murder

Her Debut Novel Explores Aging, Grief and Revenge


Rebecca Keller has published her debut novel at the age of 64.   She’s an internationally exhibited artist, a professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, an NEA Award-winner and a Fulbright Scholar. 

But once upon a time she worked as a house-cleaner, shuttle driver, waitress, and nursing home cook.

She got a graduate degree to improve her lot, and ended up working in museums. She became a professor while making her own art at night. Eventually, she began writing fiction and her short stories have been nominated for a Pushcart prize.

In this conversation, we talk about her suspenseful debut novel, You Should Have Known which is set in a nursing home and explores aging, grief and revenge.

Will the invisibility of old age allow a grieving grandmother to get away with murder?


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