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Episode 141: Pushing Past Fear: Open Water Swimming with Valerie Farber

courage health & wellness mindset resilience self-care Apr 26, 2023
Photo of Valerie Farber in a swim cap on the beach in Brooklyn ready for an open water swim with the words

Embracing the Unknown


Valerie Farber is an architectural designer and founder of Spatial Medium. 

In this episode, Valerie shares her story of how she pushed herself out of her comfort zone by swimming in the open waters of Brooklyn, NY after the swimming pools shut down due to COVID. 

Despite her long-held fears and anxiety about the big, wild blue, and with the help of tools she knew as an architectural designer, Valerie was able to overcome her fears and surprise herself by learning to love swimming year-round in the cold waters off Brooklyn, NY.

Her experience also led her to expand her sense of what she was capable of and pivot her architectural business.

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