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Episode 139: Everybody Dance with Dan Watt

motivation passion purpose Apr 12, 2023
Photo of Dan Watt, Documentary Film Producer on a polaroid photo on top of a turquoise background with daisies and the title Everybody Dance - Episode 139

"Know that there are angels in your life when you need them." - Dan Watt



Check out this amazing story about the power of dance and how it can be used as a means of expression, even for those with physical or mental limitations. Our guest, Dan Watt, used to work for big film studios for 10 years, but then decided to make films on his own. He focuses on stories that explore the human experience, spirituality, and social issues.

In this conversation, Dan talks about producing and directing his first film at the age of 57. "Everybody Dance" is about five children with disabilities, their families, and their dance teacher as they prepare for a big recital. Dan was inspired by his former students with autism, and his film highlights the joy and empowerment that dance can bring to anyone, regardless of their physical abilities. It's a heartwarming story that you don't want to miss, especially during Autism Awareness Month!

If you are in need of some inspiration, I highly recommend that you watch Everybody Dance.  It’s so uplifting and beautifully done.  I recommend it as an antidote to all the things you’re seeing on the news and on social media. 

You can rent it on Amazon and it’s available to stream on Apple and Google Play.  If you want to know more about Dan’s other projects and upcoming projects you can visit his website where you can get all the information along with information about Autism Awareness Month and the dance school featured in the film. 


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I’m so excited to share with you some information about the business mastermind group I've been a part of for some time now.  

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Well, I love about this group among many things is that I get to bring the questions that I have on any part of my business, where I feel stuck or stopped. And by the way, most of the other people in the group are also midlife business owners who have pivoted recently from corporate careers or other life experiences. There's something really great about being with other people who are going through the same struggles you are. And I'm so excited to be able to share this opportunity with you.

If you want to try it out at no cost I have an affiliate link for one free month of access to the group that I'd be happy to share with you.  That includes eight opportunities during the month to join in and really see what the experience is like.

Email me at [email protected] with the subject line "Groundwork Brigade" if you have any question and I'll get you everything you need to get started.


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