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Episode 132: One Thing Leads to Another with Channa Silva

mindset motivation passion purpose Feb 22, 2023
Photo of Channa Silva with the Title One Thing Leads to Another Late Bloomer Living Podcast Episode 132 in which we talk about taking time to follow your instincts and interests to see where they can take you.


What happens when you say yes to an impulse?


Channa Silva returns to Late Bloomer Living, joining me from the Philippines to share his journey since he last sat down to talk to me about his Covid Lock down experience which led him to start the Channa Channa Channa music podcast.  (Check out Episode 81 for the full story.) 

Now that people can gather again he’s excited to be able to listen to live music again and he’s back to update us on his latest adventures in the world of music fandom. He has a YouTube channel that is chock full of concert clips that include everything from Jack White live in Manila in 2022 to record store performances by local artists.   Channa’s story is a testament to the power of saying yes to your impulses and pursuing your interests. 

Tune in to hear more about Channa’s recent adventures, and the incredible things that have come from saying yes to his intuition. 

If you are interested in learning more about Channa Silva you can visit his website and find him on YouTube and Instagram

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