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Episode 123: All Fired Up! Behind the Scenes with the Women Who Inspire Me Daily

career and entrepreneurship relationships Dec 21, 2022


Making Business Sexy and FUN!


Take a peek behind the scenes with me and the other women in the business mastermind I joined in January of this year. I always like to do something special around the holidays to wrap up the year in a bow.  I had the sudden idea to do a group interview with the women I’ve been collaborating with all year.  What I didn’t realize when I suggested the idea to our fierce leader, Kim White was that she would say, “Sure! Let’s do it tonight!”  

 I joined this mastermind group as I was preparing to host the Midlife Uprising Summit.  I knew I could use a sounding board that would keep me from running around in circles as I made plans for the event. I thought it was a temporary solution.

What I found was a community of women who continue to inspire me everyday. Our group is led by Kim White of My Sexy Business and Kerry Zarb of Zinc Business Solutions. It includes Cat Corchado, Donna Bender and Denise Millet. I can’t wait for you to meet this fabulous crew of midlife women entrepreneurs who are all fired up!

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these amazing women I’ve got all the details for you below!

Kim White – The founder and fierce leader at My Sexy Business.  – Co-Leader of our Fire-Up Mastermind loves helping heart-centered entrepreneurs create a business and life they love. You can follow Kim on Facebook

Kerry Zarb – Financial Designer and Virtual CFO – Co-Leader of our Fire-Up Mastermind.  She’s passionate about finances, coffee and podcasting.  Find out more about working with her on her website or on Instagram

Cat Corchado – Founder and Creator of the Small Space Pilates Community. She’s helping all of get in shape.  She’s also a veteran of the Air Force and hosts a terrific podcast called Sisters in Service.  You can follow her on Instagram.

Donna Bender – Chief GIVE-ologist at The Donna Bender Company. She’s passionate about teaching all of us how to build relationships with clients and customers with gift giving that goes beyond branded give-aways. You can also follow her on Instagram for tips and great information about gifts for clients.

Denise Millet – Founder and CEO of M Media Group, LLC – She’s a marketing technology specialist who takes the scary out of SEO. She loves helping entrepreneurs set up their websites so that they can easily be found by their ideal clients. Find out more about working with her on her website or on Instagram.

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