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Episode 113: Viva Fifty...and Then Some! with Lorraine Ladish

career and entrepreneurship fitness health & wellness mindset resilience Oct 12, 2022
Photo of Lorraine Ladish in a side crow yoga pose.  This is what's possible as we age.

Our Best Days Aren't Behind Us!

I’m excited for you to meet Lorraine Ladish…also known as The Flawed Yogini. The 2008 recession took the rug out from under her. She lost her marriage, her savings and her source of income. She found herself absolutely broke—emotionally and financially. She was suddenly a single mother in her forties with two little girls to take care of, but with the help and inspiration from many friends along the way, she managed to reinvent her writing career by taking it online. If you were to follow her on Instagram today, you’d see a beautiful, confident 59 year old woman who can do some crazy yoga poses… but what we’re talking about today is what it took to get her from where she was to where she is now as founder of Viva Fifty Media.  She turned what she considers her biggest flaw, an addictive and compulsive personality into her biggest asset. She learned to channel it into leading a creative and productive life.

This is what’s possible as we age!

You can find all things Lorraine Ladish below:

Check out her YouTube Channel or the Flawed Yogini for free yoga videos. 

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